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Conventional air conditioning systems are popular for controlling the temperature of a building. They efficiently move the air inside a house and manage the humidity level to a great extent. But they are not always the best choice, particularly when it comes to installation in old homes that have no existing central air conditioning system.

Enter SpacePak and Unico systems, which provide high velocity central air conditioning for homes without large ductwork already in place. The SpacePak system is designed to blend in with your home’s décor and can be installed within the existing framework, without having to tear down walls.

When considering putting a new system old building, high velocity AC systems (HVAC) are a better choice than conventional ones. With their small ductwork, they do less damage to the building’s walls. This means the costs of remodeling will decline due to the flexibility of high velocity air conditioning systems. Despite this, this new technology is still a really great solution for new buildings. It changes the temperature of a room faster than conventional AC systems, offers  better humidity removal, and consumes less energy.

We here at North Shore Home Energy are specially licensed and qualified to provide and install New Hampshire homeowners with these uniquely intuitive systems! Call today to learn more!

What Exactly is a High Velocity System?

A high velocity air conditioning system creates a faster flow of cool or hot air into a place. Also referred to as “small-duct”, this new technology is capable of regulating the temperature of a room at an exceptional speed in comparison to the older air conditioning systems.

High velocity AC systems have smaller air handlers as well which are helpful in fitting them into tight spaces in the building. Thanks to their small ducts (tubes with two inches in diameter) and insulated tubing, the system is highly energy efficient, too.

What are the Advantages of High Velocity Air Conditioning Systems?

– Efficient Temperature Controlling: The system is designed for cooling and heating the building  better than conventional air conditioning systems. The small ducts in the system allow the air to enter the place with four times more pressure, which is why the temperature movement in a room is managed.

– Less Thermal Loss in the System: The tubes are fully insulated to have less air leakage. Therefore, the level of energy consumption is declined substantially.

– Unique Humidity Removal: Humidity levels can be decreased by 30% with high velocity air conditioning systems. This is due to the high air pressure the ducts produce.

– Easier Installation in Old Buildings: The ductwork needed for high velocity air conditioning systems is much smaller than the conventional ones. All units in the system are versatile enough to be installed in any place, even attics, closets, and basements. This is why high velocity air conditioning systems are a good choice for retrofit.

Other Benefits of High Velocity AC Systems Include:

  • Small ducts are virtually invisible
  • Removes 30% more humidity than conventional systems
  • Draft free, even temperatures throughout your whole home
  • Little to no remodeling needed
  • Quiet performance, compact design

How SpacePak Systems Work

Established as the market’s most popular choice, the high velocity system works just like a low velocity air conditioning system. Despite this, there is a big difference here that makes a high velocity air conditioning system more efficient than the old ones. As we mentioned before, the duct work is minimal and there is no need for additional space.

The high velocity AC system operates exactly the same as a shower head. Regardless of the pressure of water in the pipes, the small holes of the shower head produce a high pressure when a low velocity stream of water is coming out.

The high velocity air conditioner is intelligently designed to produce a high pressure stream of air without consuming much energy. The cool or hot air in the system comes from a heat pump or compressor with a normal pressure. Just before entering the house, the air is led through a high velocity air handler which enables it to come outside of the vents with four times more pressure in comparison to ordinary air conditioners.

The higher pressure of air coming out of the vents is optimal for a consistent mixing of the air in the room. No matter where the vents are located, the system will help the flow of air from a high pressure area to a lower pressure one as quickly as possible.

About North Shore Home Energy

North Shore Home Energy is a certified SpacePak contractor. An extended five year warranty is awarded to systems installed by SpacePak Certified Contractors currently registered with SpacePak. We have over 25 years of history and experience. Our family owned business has been working hard to keep people comfortable with best brands and customer service around. If you call us today, we can offer a free quote on your purchase. Contact us today to schedule your service!

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