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Furnace Replacement In Newburyport

Furnace Replacement In Newburyport

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Furnace Replacement In Newburyport

Do you need a Furnace Replacement In Newburyport? North Shore Home Energy was recently hired to fix an HVAC issue with a local Newburyport home just like yours. This customer had a single stage HVAC system in their newly constructed home that was freezing in the summer and overheating in the winter. This would cause the homeowner to have to shut off the air conditioner in the middle of a heatwave because because of a freeze up and wait for it to thaw. In the winter when the weather was cold the furnace would cause a large imbalance of heat between the different rooms in the home even through they are in the same zone. Luckily North Shore home energy was there to help.

These problems where diagnosed as a result of the home itself needing two state equipment instead of single stage. Single stage equipment is cheaper but it runs at runs at 100% capacity all the time. Two stage systems run at 70-90% capacity most of the time and only runs at 100% when necessary. This home’s equipment was overworked and the zone needed to be upgraded to a two stage system to work in a way that kept the rooms at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Newburyport Carrier Furnace Dealer

Once the problem was identified, North Shore moved forward with installing a new Carrier 4-Way 80% 2-STAGE Gas Furnace. Carrier’s ComfortHeat® technology furnaces can provide reduced drafts, reduced sound levels, longer cycles, less temperature swings between cycles, and less temperature differences between rooms. Its exclusive, intelligent microprocessor control adapts to the heating needs of the home by automatically adjusting high and low heat times to maximize comfort. With this new system installed, the customer can enjoy a much more even temperature across all rooms in the furnace’s zone.

Newburyport Furnace Installation

When North Shore Home Energy first got to the customer’s home they spared no time getting the old single stage unit out of the home to start the new furnace replacement. Once the onld unit was expertly removed, they carefully brought the new Carrier unit into the home.

Once the new unit was in the home, they began to fit the home’s existing duct system to the unit and sealed off the connections to provide a strong airflow throughout the zone.

With the new system in place and the ducts connected snuggly, the team wired in the electricity and the controls to the unit taking care to make sure everything was connected properly. After a first run test was performed and the unit was confirmed to be working properly, the cover was put on the unit. The team cleaned up any mess that was made in the home and made sure the customer was happy and had no further questions before leaving the home.

Newburyport Heating Contractor Replaces Furnace

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North Shore Home Energy LLC is a local and dedicated HVAC & Refrigeration service company in the North Shore providing excellent service to homes, businesses, and restaurants. We are a proud participating contractor with the Mass Save program. Our professionals are trained, certified and use only top-notch equipment and industry leading technology to ensure that our customers are satisfied.  With over 25 years in the industry, North Shore Home Energy is here to educate our customers on maintenance and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail, on-demand service, and fair pricing will keep your heating and cooling running smoothly year after year.

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