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Be Ready For an Emergency – Why a Generator Can Be One of Your Best Investments

Be Ready For an Emergency – Why a Generator Can Be One of Your Best Investments

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There may be nothing more annoying and inconvenient than a power outage. Lost work time, spoiled food, loss of heat. These things are all consequences that home and business owners face when the electricity unexpectedly goes out.  There is a solution to these problems, and investing in a backup generator is that solution. Although these generator systems aren’t cheap, even if you just purchase a portable generator, they are a great investment. 

8 Benefits of Investing in a Generator 

Whether you’re a business owner or you’re just looking for a generator for your home, there are big benefits to getting a backup power system. You’ll save money, irritation and mental energy in the long run. Consider the following points as you weigh the pros and cons of a new generator.   

  1. Prevent food loss from spoiling. Individuals and families can spend hundreds of dollars a month on foods that stay in the refrigerator or freezer until they’re ready to use those ingredients. When the power goes out and stays out, it can mean that you have to throw out food before you’ve had a chance to use it. 
  2. Standby generators kick within seconds of a power outage. Your neighbors might be without power when the utility company suffers an issue, but with your standby generator, you’ll just have to wait a few seconds. The generator will start and warm up for a few seconds before it starts to power your home, but that shouldn’t take too long, often between 10 and 20 seconds  
  3. When power comes back on, the transition will be smooth. Standby generators help to smooth the transition from generator power back to utility-generated power.  These units typically run for a few minutes after the utility company gets the electricity back up and running, to ensure that the power is indeed stable enough to power your home. Once the motor has cooled a bit and the demand for power has transitioned to the utility lines, the generator shuts off.
  4. Even during an extended power disruption, you’ll be able to entertain yourselves and your family.  You’ll be able to watch TV, listen to music, have electricity to read by, and have hot water for bathing and other usage.  Assuming you have a standby generator, you won’t be dragging out a portable generator and looking for extension cords. With a standby generator, you shouldn’t even have to get up from where you are or interrupt your activities. 
  5. Commercial property and business owners will not see a disruption in their security system coverage. With a backup generator that kicks on within seconds, you’ll hear a warning beep, but the power should be up and running quickly enough that there’s no real disruption in protection for your business.
  6. Generators keep sump pumps working properly. If you have a sump pump  near your basement to keep the water out during particularly rainy and wet times, you won’t have to worry about potential flooding issues from a power loss. A generator keeps the sump pump running with minimal interruption, which could mean minimal damage from wet weather that knocks out the power grid.
  7. You can keep connections with others alive. So many people have digital devices that they use to communicate with others as well as entertain themselves. And we’re talking about more than just a phone. Computers are such a big part of everyday life now. Losing power can be very disruptive.
  8. You never know when you need backup power.  There are many reasons that the power might go out. Severe weather, trees falling onto power lines, even rodents gnawing on connections – these are all reasons that the power might unexpectedly fail, and no one can predict exactly when something like that might happen, or how long it might last, particularly in the winter months when the weather is unpleasant and cold. 

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to add a generator to your emergency kit, there are tradeoffs, like the cost of the system. For a business owner who has power tools to run at work sites or at their main site, a generator is an investment that can help employees get more done. For homeowners, the investment into a backup power system (whether a permanent standby generator or a portable unit) could pay for itself with a bad winter or unpredictable electrical grids. 

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