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Air Conditioner Repair in Newburyport

Air Conditioner Repair in Newburyport

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air conditioner repair newburyport

Do you need air conditioner repair in your Newburyport home or business? You’ve come to the right place. North Shore home energy is equipped to handle any ac repair project you have for us. Take one of our most recent customers in Newburyport. This digital marketing company had recently suffered a system failure and had gone several days without any air conditioning whatsoever. With the recent humidity in the area, this was something of a major issue, so we dispatched Donny, one of our expert-level technicians out to resolve their issue quickly.

The Issue

Once we were on the scene, it was a pretty quick, diagnosis: the unit’s compressor had died. These components typically buckle under years of wear and tear, but this one appeared to have some sort of defect from the factory that negatively impacted its performance. After the initial assessment, we came back the following day with a brand new compressor for the outdoor unit, which was itself a little larger than an average unit, due to the fact it was cooling a much larger, commercial office space.

The Job

Once we got back to the site with the appropriate replacement hardware, we got to work replacing the faulty compressor. Donny started by unscrewing the unit, loosening it so that he could easily take off the top and get inside. But before anything else happened, we needed to drain the entire system of all it’s refrigerant as a safety precaution. When it had all been extracted, there was about 33 pounds of refrigerant; for perspective, your home probably only has between five and ten pounds, just to further display the differences between commercial and residential HVAC projects. Once the drain was complete, Donny was able to get into the the unit itself and install the new compressor  hardware. Quarters were tight between the various other units and the surrounding walls, but getting in and around the unit was no problem whatsoever.

Before we could resupply the system with fresh refrigerant, a cleanse was in order. The outdoor unit was a considerable distance away from the office itself; about 100 feet of tubing and pipes connect them. Even after the refrigerant drain, there was still a significant buildup of moisture in those pipes. Mostly consisting of water, oil, and leftover droplets on refrigerant. Using a vacuum-style device hooked up to the lines, we began the process of removing these elements from the system, leaving it bone dry and free of any debris. Afterward, all that was left was to resupply the system with new refrigerant. Once the refrigerant was replaced, all that was left was to put the unit back together again and seal it up.  When it was all said and done, the job took about two hours and most of that time was spent emptying and refilling a large amount of refrigerant.

When you need air conditioner repair in Newburyport, North Shore is the only company to call. We get it done fast and we get it done right. Whether it’s commercial or residential, whether it’s a blown compressor or a bent fan, we can handle air conditioning repairs of all shapes and sizes.

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