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7 Affordable Ways To Stay Warm In Your Bedroom This Winter

7 Affordable Ways To Stay Warm In Your Bedroom This Winter

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7 affordable ways to stay warm in your bedroom this winter

With the chill of winter descending upon us, now is the time of year when many of us like to curl up under a blanket and warm up. We tend to rely heavily on our HVAC systems and furnaces in order to remain cozy during the cold season. However, with the increased use of these heating systems come higher bills come to the end of the month. Fear not! Here are somw cheaper alternatives to give your furnace and heating system a vacation. With any luck, these affordable ways to stay warm in your bedroom this winter can yield practical results for your home.

Use Warmer Bedding

Instead of turning your thermostat up during the winter, try using warmer bed sheets. Remove sateen sheets and substitute a down-filled comforter. In addition, you can employ the use of an electric blanket. If you decide to use the electric blanket, make sure that it is on top of the other blankets when in use. Electric blankets can be serious fire hazards if improperly handled. As a surrogate, consider using an electric mattress pad, which warms the bed from underneath the sheets. It is a safer alternative to the electric blanket.

Buy a Space Heater

On those cold nights, instead of turning up the central heating system, why not use a space heater. When choosing one, make sure that the heater is suitable for the size of the room. The typical capacities of these units tend to range between 10,000 and 40,000 Btu’s. These units tend to be powered by electricity as well as gas, propane and even kerosene.

Make sure the heater is not in contact with any bed sheets or anything flammable. Check out the following link for 9 reasons to invest in a space heater.

Relocate Your Bed

If your bed is located close to a window, it is beneficial that you move it to another location away from the window in your bedroom. Glass, even if it is multi-paned, it is still prone to cooling down thus making your room colder as well.

Cover the Windows

Outside temperatures often are transferred between glasses; heavier window shades during the winter would be ideal to maintain any sort of heat within the home and to keep the cold at bay.

Lay Down a Thick Rug

If you have hardwood flooring in your room at home, chances are that the temperature will affect it. Consider placing a thick throw rug or even a sheepskin to keep your feet warm when waking in the morning.

Wear Socks and a Knit Hat

If your significant other likes it on the cool side, but you’re shivering at night, warm yourself up by slipping on thick socks before climbing between the sheets (as a bonus, you’ll sleep better when your feet are warm) and add a knit cap to keep your head cozy. After all, there’s a reason those old-time illustrations show people sleeping in long, pointed caps.

Use a Heated Water Bottle

Instead of utilizing an electric blanket or using heavier comforters, why not use a heated water bottle? If placed under your sheets on a cold night, it can provide a very affordable way to stay warm in your bedroom this winter.

If you find your house too cold though, you may need a furnace inspection, repair, or even a replacement. Be sure to contact North Shore Home Energy today, and check out our awesome reviews!

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