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6 Benefits of a Boiler Inspection

6 Benefits of a Boiler Inspection

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boiler inspection in Kingston by North Shore Home Energy

There’s only two months and change left until winter starts, and it’s time to start thinking about your home’s heating. If you’re using a boiler for heat, you likely need someone to perform an inspection. Too much inactivity can be bad for machines, and the summer-long break might have hampered your boiler’s efficiency. Having a boiler fail can be extremely dangerous, and we want to ensure your safety and warmth this winter.

Here are six ways a boiler inspection can help you and your home:


Keep it energy-efficient

Boilers are complex machines with many parts, and some of those parts wear out faster than others. To keep your boiler efficient, you want to make sure every part is in good condition. By doing so, your boiler will use less energy to heat your home.


Maximize the boiler’s life

Boilers are a large financial investment, and you’ll want to maximize your investment by keeping it functional for as long as possible. Regular inspections and professional maintenance can keep your boiler running for as long as it can. Depending on who you ask, a well-maintained boiler can last ten to fifteen years.


Legal obligations

Certain parts of the country have laws that require you to get regular inspections. These laws are put in place to help prevent catastrophic boiler failures. If you don’t follow these laws, you’ll have to pay fines and also have a poorly-maintained boiler. Following local inspection laws will help you avoid legal trouble and ensure you and your boiler’s safety.


Save money on energy

Boilers are second only to HVAC systems in how much energy they use annually. However, regular inspections can help you save up to 10% on its energy usage. Also, well-maintained boilers are at a lower risk of breakdowns, which cost money to fix or replace.


Stay safe

Boilers generate carbon monoxide when they run, but the gas is safely vented outside your home via an exhaust pipe. However, poorly-maintained boilers may have holes in the exhaust pipe that allow the deadly and odorless gas into your home. Also, boilers are known for explosive failures, so keeping it healthy is important for your safety.


Maintain warranties

There are many boiler manufacturers with different ways of doing business. However, many of their boiler warranties require you to give their products regular maintenance and inspections. Failing to follow the requirements will void the warranty, disqualifying you from any money to help with repairs or replacements.


Why trust North Shore Home Energy to keep my boiler working this winter?

North Shore Home Energy LLC is a small local dedicated HVAC & Refrigeration service company in the North Shore providing excellent service to homes, businesses, and restaurants. With over 25 years in the industry, North Shore Home Energy is here to educate our customers on maintenance and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail, on-demand service, and fair pricing will keep you running smoothly year after year. We are a proud participating contractor with the Mass Save program. Ask us about rebates up to $3,500 and 0% financing for 7 years. Call North Shore Home Energy today to schedule your furnace inspection!

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