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5 Reasons to Call For a Furnace Inspection

5 Reasons to Call For a Furnace Inspection

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furnace inspection in Kingston by North Shore Home Energy

With your AC properly shut down, it’s time to consider how you’ll stay warm this winter. You might have a furnace, but there’s a good chance you haven’t been using it and it has built up a bunch of dust. If you worry it might not work its best, you can always call us to perform a furnace inspection. By calling North Shore Home Energy for an inspection, you’ll be sure that your furnace will run through the winter!

Here are five reasons you should call us for a furnace inspection:


Extend your furnace’s life

We all know that ignoring the needs of your appliances and systems never leads to any good. Not getting regular maintenance for your furnace will hurt its energy efficiency and overall lifespan. Also, poorly-maintained furnaces are much more prone to breaking down.


Cheaper than full repairs

Furnace inspections cost money, but they’re a lot cheaper than repairing a broken furnace. If you call us for an inspection and we find any small problems, we’ll fix it up right then and there. This will protect your furnace from problems that could break your furnace in the future.


Ensure your furnace’s health

Sometimes you may not be sure whether your furnace needs to be replaced. When you get your furnace inspected, you’ll get a good idea of whether you need a replacement. If you’ve scheduled your inspection early in the season, you’ll have plenty of time to find a replacement.


Avoid dangerous gas leaks

Gas furnaces that aren’t properly cared for can be serious dangers for your family and home. They’re capable of creating carbon monoxide, a gas which is deadly to people and most animals. Also, damaged gas furnaces can leak flammable gasses that can ignite and cause a house fire.


Better energy efficiency

Running a furnace can take up a good part of your energy bill – about half of it annually, in most cases. Fortunately, regular inspections can reduce this percentage. Many mechanical problems can hurt your furnace’s efficiency, but they can be fixed or prevented with regular maintenance. Well-tuned furnaces can use about 30% less energy than usual.


What makes North Shore Home Energy the best choice for checking on my furnace?

North Shore Home Energy LLC is a small local dedicated HVAC & Refrigeration service company in the North Shore providing excellent service to homes, businesses, and restaurants. With over 25 years in the industry, North Shore Home Energy is here to educate our customers on maintenance and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail, on-demand service, and fair pricing will keep you running smoothly year after year. We are a proud participating contractor with the Mass Save program. Ask us about rebates up to $3,500 and 0% financing for 7 years. Call North Shore Home Energy today to learn more about keeping your furnace working well!

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